We pay PumaPay!

WebCamWiz is proud to be an early adaptor of PumaPay cryptocurrency and Pull Payment Protocol. Now you can receive your earnings in PumaPay tokens as well.

You decide the percentage of earnings you wish to receive in PMA and earn up to 20% in bonuses!

  • 25%+10% bonus
  • 50%+15% bonus
  • 75%+17% bonus
  • 100%+20% bonus

How to set up your PumaPay wallet

We’re excited to announce that we have also developed our native PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet, which is available for download on Apple Store and in the Google Play.
Open the app and select ‘Create Wallet’. You will then receive an auto-generated 12-word seed phrase, your seed phrase is the primary key to your Ethereum account with PumaPay, so keep it safe!
Read the instruction guide as provided to ImLive by PumaPay.

Open the app and select ‘Create Wallet’.
You will be given 12 words.
At this stage you will be required to enter your password as shown below.